Fractional Co2 Laser

Age Spots Removal by Laser resurfacing at Cosmedic Clinic

Treatment with Fractional CO2

The age spots treatment uses a C02 laser beam to precisely target and ablate lesions without damaging surrounding tissue. The laser is extremely fast treating lesions in seconds in most cases. Nearly all lesions require only a single treatment but follow up treatment may be required.

  • Non-surgical & non-invasive procedure, no major side effects
  • Comfortable & No Downtime
  • Painless, quick and effective removal process

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SmartXide DOT Therapy is a revolutionary laser skin resurfacing method that has been approved by the FDA for use in the United States.

What is laser treatment?

Using a CO2, fractional laser, Cosmedic Clinic can deliver pulses to the skin which help remove dead skin cells and promote cell renewal. Due to the heat energy caused during the treatment, the device also stimulates collagen production, to help firm up the skin, but also break down scar tissue and improve movement for those having a higher-setting treatment.

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Freckles and Age Spots Removal Before and After Picture - Co2 treatment - Cosmedic Clinic

How does Fractional Laser Treatment work?

The laser pulses places tiny holes in the skin. Columns of damage tissues are selectively removed, leaving surrounding skin intact. The treatment shortens healing time and stimulates the bodys own natural process of creating new collagen, plumping the skin from below and reversing photo-aging and clearing age spots.

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