Melasma and Pigmentation Treatment

Fast and easy way to remove pigmentation and melsama

Laser Pigmentation & Melasma Removal

At Cosmedic Clinic, laser treatment works efficiently to significantly fade the appearance of pigmentation and melasma. These procedures can remove these conditions completely, depending on the individual and the characteristics of the lesion. You’ll usually need several treatments. They often produce permanent results.

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What is Pigmentation & Melasma

Pigmented lesions are remarkably common and the overwhelming majority are benign. It is widely recognized in the medical community that Q-Switched lasers are the ideal tools for effectively removing benign pigmented lesions.

For melasma, StarWalker is especially effective due to the selectivity of Q-switched light, enabling it to break apart only the pigments and not the cells. This means that pigment destruction can take place without ablating the skin.

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