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Tattoo Removal

   What is Tattoo Removal?   

PICO Starwalker by Fotona treatment works efficiently to significantly fade the appearance of tattoos. These procedures can remove these conditions completely, depending on the individual and the characteristics of the lesion. You’ll usually need several treatments. They often produce permanent results.

Procedure Time:
30 minutes
(Excluding Numbing Cream)

Skin Redness

Results Duration:
Once a Month
(4-6 times until desired results)

How Pico Laser Work For Tattoo Removal?

The Pico Laser works in ultrashort picosecond laser pulses and 100X shorter pulse duration compared to Q-Switched Laser. Pico Laser treats a wide range of black and colours tattoo across a broad range of skin types.

Pico Laser is absorbed by the pigments of the ink, shattering it into smaller particles. The damaged pigments will then be naturally removed by our lymphatic system, causing the colour to fade and gradually disappear.

Google Review

Love Dr. Azizah so much!! She is professional, nice, patient and most importantly a very caring doctor. Always give the best advise whenever I have tons of questions. I always walk out from the clinic with tons of smiles too.

Billie BeeCustomer

I always have an amazing experience at Klinik Cosmedic. I have been having acne issues for a long time. Dr Azizah was very thorough during consultation explaining about the treatment options. I did chemical peel treatments and continued with skincare at home advised by the doctor. I am very satisfied and happy as my skin is acne free now. They do not try to sell any products and always give the best advice.
Both the doctors, Dr Azizah & Dr Harmeet and the staff are very helpful and friendly. Highyly recommended

Siti SubaidahCustomer

Consistently having PRP treatment and PICO laser here since 2018. The doctor and team are caring and patient during the procedure so we won't feel the pain. Thumbs-up!

Ai Guat TanCustomer

I recently visited klinik comedic for my pigmentation. Dr Azizah explained very well in all the options and outcome.i ve be been on regular follow up and very satisfied and happy with the progress

Mike LauCustomer

Dr.Azizah is very experienced and a very understanding doctor.
I am very satisfied with her treatments.

Eunice ChorCustomer

I have been getting various treatments at Klinik Cosmedic and very pleased with the results.
Dr. Azizah is very knowledgeable in her field and she explains all the different treatment procedures in detail.
She addresses my concerns with great care.
The staff are very friendly and approachable.
I do recommend this place to anyone with aesthetic needs.

Josie WestwoodCustomer

Dr Azizah is very knowledgeable. She explained my skin problem in detail and recommended the treatment. The treatment was superb. Had a wonderful experience. Will definitely go back for sure.

Kuljit GillCustomer

Doctor and Staff were really nice and they really helped me a lot with my pimple problems! Price is also very reasonable and I’m a student!!! Really recommend!

Ivy Ng Wei YanCustomer

I first came to this clinic to film Dr Azizah for one of my tv wellness shows but I became a customer myself. She’s really lovely. Doesn’t push you to get something you don’t need. I’ve done lasers here, hair removal and she even helped me to get rid of a scar from broken glass with fractional lasers and a keloid injection. Thank you

Jojo StruysCustomer

Reclaim Your Canvas: Advanced Tattoo Removal Solutions

Bid farewell to unwanted ink and embrace a clean slate with our cutting-edge tattoo removal services. Experience minimal discomfort with our advanced tattoo removal with laser treatment. Unlock the journey to ink-free skin and rediscover your true canvas. Consult with our experts and take the first step towards a fresh start!"

Consult for Tattoo RemovalConsult for Tattoo Removal