Thread Lift

Using Aptos and Happy Lift

Happy Lift

Happy Lift™ threads are a range of absorbable, monofilament, suspension-barbed threads of synthetic origin (poly-L-lactic acid and caprolactone, p(LA-CL)) that are used for tissue support.

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Happy Lift (Revitalizing) is an innovative procedure with a double action

  • Lifting action for the support and repositioning of the tissue
  • Revitalizing action stimulating collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin reproduction.

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Aptos Thread

The threads and methods have been invented in 1996 by Georgian plastic surgeon Dr. Marlen Sulamanidze and has been developed by Dr. George and Dr. Konstantin Sulamanidze. ​ Aptos threads allow doctors to achieve the effects of plastic surgery without anaesthesia, incisions or long recovery periods. ​ Aptos threads are absorbable composed of polylactic acid/caprolactone; with sharp, soft, blunt needles and cannulas.

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The Advantage of Thread Lift

  • Minimally invasive procedure: no incisions or stitches

  • Only requires local anesthetic

  • Minimal post-treatment downtime

  • Little to no side effects

  • Overall improvement of skin quality

  • Immediately visible results

  • Dual action: Lifting & Rejuvenation

  •  Safe to use with other aesthetic procedures (such as fillers)

  • The individual patient assessment ensures the selection of the best thread and method to procedure the desired effect

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